Monday, June 1, 2015

A Reading in the Woods

I'm re-arranging my bi-weekly schedule on the blog because something fun related to the book has just been posted online.

My office at VanArts is right next to the Acting Department, and one of their instructors, Gabriel Carter, asked if I'd be up for reading my poems on his online, low-tech & one-take talk/variety show Dog's Breakfast, which features a "surreal segment" in each episode.

I agreed, but with an additional thought: What if I could get a goblin puppet to read them? Gabriel, a big Muppet fan, got very excited, so he took me out to the wilderness of Vancouver for a fun little film shoot with my "friend" Skraboonikus the Moss Goblin.

Here is Episode 3.1 of Dog's Breakfast featuring slam poet Mike McGee, musical guest The Population Drops, and "A Reading in the Woods" (which starts at 16:53). Enjoy, and thanks to Gabriel and his lovely fiancee & co-host Nhi Do for sharing this!

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