Monday, September 28, 2015

Instagram Happenings

I've recently started posting some fun stuff for the book on Instagram, including some of my "poetry postcards" and behind-the-scenes drawings. Some of them are embedded here, and you can FOLLOW ME to see more, along with other random images of birds, children's books, and weird things.

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A video posted by Ken A. Priebe (@ken.a.priebe) on
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The work you see me doing here are new illustrations for The Boy Who Looked Up, which I decided needed a re-vamp to the layout. At this point, it's the story that ties up the book near the end, hence the re-vamp. I've been thinking about these drawings for a long while and finally found time to work on them in the past week or so.

As far as the whole process for the book goes, it's still been going through a few more changes as of late, and I've also been thinking through my publishing options and making some plans around that. With school starting, there have also been several days of "leaving it alone" both for practical and sanity reasons.

Looking ahead, I now feel that I have enough material from the poems & drawings which I cut out to warrant a second volume after this one, so I'm starting to work on this too. So far I have a working title and an assemblage of which poems would be included, plus ideas for new ones. More soon...

Monday, September 14, 2015

The First Griffin

Production and other developments still moving along on the book, particularly on a few illustrations which are being re-done and the occasional re-shuffling of words. More on this later. For now, another free reveal for a recently revised poem.