Monday, December 14, 2015

Poem: The Parliament of Owls

An overdue update to the's a reveal of the poem that goes with this illustration (which was published in The Story Warren Reader: Volume 2)


The Parliament of Owls will now come to order...
Something must be done about this trouble at the border.

Now I'm not one to meddle in the business of ferrets,
Or disturb the operations of the Company of Parrots,
But as the noted chairman of this most distinguished board,
I have to say, murder of crows should never be ignored!

This Mob of Kangaroos has gotten way too out of hand,
And that Pack of Wolves is slowly taking over our whole land.
If what they teach in that School of Fish does not change for the better,
I think we'll have to write to them a reprimanding letter...

For if the Colony of Rats cannot protect their plants,
I fear we'll have to call upon our own Army of Ants.
It’s a shame in my opinion, and I really must confess
It’s the pride of lions that contributes to this awful mess.

But now it's getting late my friends, the dawn is drawing near,
So the Congress of Baboons will have to take it all from here.