Monday, April 18, 2016

Waiting, Part I

This is the first of what's intended to be three two-page book spreads, for a poem called Waiting. The concept, from page to page, is a menagerie of different animals doing various things while waiting in a line. This is the only spread that is inked...the other two are only penciled, so I'll reveal them over time as they are completed.

(Click image to view it larger)

"Waiting" has a double meaning in terms of how these books are progressing. I'm waiting for a crystallized plan for publishing and I have friends waiting to purchase an actual book (for which I'm very grateful...a little encouragement goes a long way in this lonely endeavor.)  I've learned many lessons as of late about patience, endurance, research and the big picture. Last September I submitted a query to a traditional publisher who seemed to promise a quick turn-around on a response, but have been met with only silence almost 7 months later. That waiting period, however, was the best thing that could have happened for the book, as it caused me to make changes to several poems and re-think things pertaining to fonts, layout and such.

All the same, I've decided to play the field with a few other publishers and see what unfolds. In the meantime I'll keep working on new poems, drawings and I have a new animation gig for the next few weeks which will keep me plenty busy.

But I feel in my gut the "waiting" will be worth it.