Monday, February 16, 2015

The Drawings are Finished!

It's Happy Dance Time, folks! I'm excited to announce a major milestone for the book, one that has been well over a year in the making.

All of the illustrations are now COMPLETE!

Many have been scrapped, re-drawn, fussed over, and tinkered with ad naseum, but at this point I think I've fussed enough and finally happy with where they're at. And the timing is good too, because I now have another freelance animation gig to start working on for the next few months.

But production will still be moving forward on the book, as I have been doing all the layouts simultaneously as I go, so now it's just a matter of going in and doing some digital clean-up and throwing them into InDesign for the final layout.

There is also the front and back cover, which will need some further attention (already in progress), but the inside is pretty well spoken for and in a happy place.

So for now, to wet your appetite a bit, here is a snapshot of the rough two-page spread for the INDEX (sans page numbers, to be added in soon) revealing the list of titles for all 103 poems in the book.

(Click the image to make it larger, and enjoy!)  Lots more to come!

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