Monday, January 27, 2014

Drawing Details, and One Poem

Made very good progress this week on the book. Completed a few more illustrations and scanned more of them in for layout. Some of the drawings are very small, some of them will take up a whole page, and other larger ones will be across a two-page spread. Most of them are black & white, but a select few (for the longer poems in the book that cross over several pages) will be in color.

Here are some "teasers"....just some selected details from some of the larger drawings. Maybe I will reveal more of them in the future, or maybe you'll have to wait.

Some of the poems do not have illustrations at all, as they are either more abstract, or the images are better left in the readers' imagination. Here is one of those...I guess it's one of the "deeper" ones. I was actually asked by my good friend Linda to recite it in church one Sunday morning.

THE BOX  © 2013 Ken Priebe

I put all my tears,
My failings, my fears,
And anxieties into a box.
I sealed it real tight,
And shipped overnight
To the post office down by the docks.
For once I was free,
I giggled with glee,
And danced in brave joyous surrender,
Until the postman
Put the box in my hand,
With a label marked ‘Return to Sender.’

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