Monday, January 6, 2014

Sketches: Professor Stitch-Wicket

One of the longer "epic" poems which I've written for the book is The Great Epic Journey of Professor Stitch-Wicket, about an elderly professor who lives in the woods and embarks on a quest. The poem itself will likely be spread over several pages along with its illustrations. These scans of my sketchbook show the process of his character design. (Click images to see larger)

My earliest drawings here show him as being a bit too Gandalf-ish, and more like a wizard than a professor. I like the guy on the far right a lot, but decided he looks too urban. He might be a great character for another story that takes place in a strange city, but doesn't seem like he would live in a forest.

Exploring further in another direction, this guy on the left is leaning too close to a Sigmund Freud-type....once again, might be good as a city-dwelling professor, but not someone close to the earth who talks to animals.

I continued playing with different outfits and hats, but still too much like "Gandalf in the City."

Upon further playing and sketching, and the advice of my friend Luke who suggested a "wool elbow patch sweater and hip waders, more like a biologist," I ended up with the guy on the bottom right, who seems to fit much better. I haven't done any final illustrations of the Professor just yet, only sketches, but when the time is right, he will be realized into fuller form for his "epic journey."

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